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Lintrup & Norgart Commercial real estate broker


Lintrup & Norgart is the Commercial real estate specialist in Greater Copenhagen. The company was established in 2005 with the ambition to be a partner for investment property owners regarding property sales, lease and development.


For most brokers it is just about a transaction. But we are not like most brokers. We understand both people and properties and know that it is much more than a transaction. We take our time to uncover the possibilities in the property, understand the needs of the tenants or to illustrate the property’s potential to a purchaser.


Unlike some of our colleagues, we always represent the seller/owner of the property to ensure there is no conflict of interest. We therefore do not do tenant & purchase representation.


We partner with property owners – to support them and to maximize the value of their investment. This is why clients stay with us.

Stig Lintrup and Jesper Norgart



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T: +45 7023 6330

@: nbj@linor.dk


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